Thursday, March 2, 2017

KSD Date!

Hey guys! I can't find the date for our visit to KSD, does anyone know when that is? Also does anyone know how long it will take for a background check to process?

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  1. I did not hear back prior to being out for surgery a confirmation on when we could go as a class to KSD. I will pursue this once I am released to begin work again. I see the surgeon on the 8th and cardiologist on the 16th. There have been significant changes and challenges in the dorms currently due to shortage of staffing. We want to be sensitive to this. If I am able to schedule this I will try to schedule it for the 2nd or 3rd week of April (the first week they are out on Spring Break). No one needs a background check for this event because you are under my supervision the entire time.

    No other site visits at KSD are to be schedule for this class unless they are PUBLIC EVENTS for which you do not need background checks.

    If you are doing a site visit/observation in any other Kentucky school that was on the provided list, yes, you do have to have a background check. It should only take 7-10 days to have it completed.