Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thoughts About Deafness

Hey everyone!
This post won't have a whole lot to do with what we've discussed in class, but you guys can feel free to add in comments on how this relates to chapter 6 if you would like! For my ASL 101 class, I had to watch the documentary "See What I'm Saying" that followed the lives of four deaf creators as they tried to be creative in a predominantly hearing world. While all of them were accepted into the deaf community as artists, they all had a lot of trouble becoming famous and making a name for themselves in the hearing world. This made me really upset, especially being a creator myself, as well as thinking about people like Marlee Matlin who was accepted into Hollywood fairly easily. I'm not sure everyone's major, but I'm assuming that everyone in this class is dedicated to making life easier for everyone, children and adults alike. Assuming this to be true, what can we do as the upcoming generation to make sure that people from all cultures are included and have the same opportunities, not just in school, but with their dreams? Why should it be okay for people to tell a deaf child that their dreams of becoming movie stars or musicians aren't substantial simply because they were born with hearing loss? I can't wait to hear your all's thoughts on this because I've been thinking pretty hard about it recently.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Couple of things.... first, I saw that we are to post to the discussion board the review of the video.  I don't see where I can transfer what I wrote here to there.  I guess I thought it was to be posted on the blog, I saw where Dr. Gremp told Amanda to place it in the Discussion board and I can see where I can reply but I can't post.  Arg, just when I think I have a better handle on this computer!  Anyway, second, I spoke with Pam Eubanks just a few minutes ago and she's excited for us to come to "Move".  It sounds fun and real low-key and she is emailing me more info.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I was a little shocked when the CI surgeon told the hearing parents that their son would be able to "hear" and then later adds not only will he be able to hear but "...relates not to Deaf people but to hearing people".  That was a double "hmmmm" for me.  One, because I'd hope that someone would emphasize that sound would be amplified but the child would always be deaf, it doesn't make him hear.  Also, the feeling I got from the surgeon put hearing in a good category while deaf was a bad category, because you wouldn't have to RELATE to deaf anymore.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thoughts on Cochlear Implants

Recently in class, we have discussed the option of giving a deaf child a cochlear implant, and the significance of that in the Deaf community. I have asked some of my Deaf friends their opinions, and am intrigued on what you all would think. Do we think that they are overall helpful and provide options for the child, or are they unnecessary? Although somewhat of a touchy topic, I was wondering what the consensus would be on them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


If anyone wants to join Jessie Jenkins and myself at Cincinnati Bible College March 18, tell us soon so we can get ahold of the event coordinator.  Gracias.  ALSO!  I have Katie's(???) Simply Southern tervis cup and will try and remember to bring it next Tuesday since we don't have class this Thursday.

Chapter 5 Thoughts and Comments

Hey everyone! This week we read and discussed chapter 5, I just wanted to share my thoughts about it. The chapter was all about family dynamics and interpersonal relationships and I thought that this was a very intriguing topic to read about. Hearing stories from all perspectives was great because there are so many assumptions made about what it would be like growing up and being deaf in a hearing family or hearing with parents who are deaf or siblings who are deaf or vise versa, but nobody knows what it actually feels like unless that is there experience. Reading responses from different perspectives opened my mind a lot and introduced new ideas to my mind about interpersonal relationships having a unique effect on each individual. What do you guys think?

Recovery Greetings!

KUDOS! I am thrilled to hear your presentations went well. I am sad that I missed them. Obviously you have heard by now that I am home from a 7 day stay in the hospital having had triple bypass surgery. I am recovery well but it is a PROCESS! I am regaining my strength and stamina. I miss being able to be there to teach and learn with you. Dr. Gremp and I agreed I would occasionally drop in and connect with you on the blog. I am soooo grateful for all she is doing!! See you here and in class on April 4th!
Mrs. White

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hey guys!  Sorry this is a little late, it's been a crazy week!  I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone they did a great job on their presentations.  I loved all the games that everyone prepared, and I learned so much.  It is going to be great to hear the last few presentations tonight.  Feel free to use this post to ask people questions about their projects or anything else you want to discuss.  Hope everyone is having a good week, but hopefully a little more calm than mine!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Historical Figures Presentation!

Hey all!

Presentations are coming up and Katie and I need a favor! Our target age group is primary students, so naturally there is going to be coloring. So, if you all could bring colored pens or pencils, markers or whatever you prefer, to class that would be awesome!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Miscellaneous comments and questions

First off, Mrs. White I hope your procedure went well!
I wanted to share with you guys what I thought was the most interesting part of Chapter 4. I found the part about Congenital losses fascinating! Especially the part about which combination of parents make what kind of baby. The diagrams on pages 70 and 71 are really helpful! What did the rest of you find the most interesting or most important about this chapter? There was so much information in this chapter, it's quite over whelming.
Also, does anyone have any food allergies? I am going to the store this weekend to buy candy for a game to go along with Savannah and I's project next Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hi friends,
I'm having a lot of trouble getting the Lync app to work on my computer... every time I click on the link that Professor White gave us, it just thinks about it for about 2 minutes, then tells me that the server can't be reached. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't want to miss class today because I can't figure out my technology! Thanks!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Assessment #1

Hey Guys! 
I was looking at my planner and seen that we were supposed to have an assessment due this week but I can't seem to find it. I did miss the last class, so are we still having it? thanks so much!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So, with chapter 3 talking about the decline in residential schools for deaf children, what with the laws mandating free and appropriate education in mainstream schools, I was wondering what everyone's opinions were? Say if you were to have a deaf child, would you prefer a residential or a mainstream school?
I think I would want to send my child to a residential school, or at least one that was geared specifically towards teaching deaf students. That way they would be exposed to other deaf individuals and would be taught deaf history/ more about Deaf culture.

All About Deaf Kids Fair


Theme - MOVE

March 18 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cincinnati Christian University, 2700 Glenway Avenue 

Cincinnati, OH 45204 United States 

This is an OPPORTUNITY being provided to the class.  It is NOT a mandatory experience or assignment.  If you choose to participate you may choose one of the following options:
  • Go on your own independently and simply observe.  It could be used as your Site Visit assignment.
  • Go with others in the group and only observe and use it as your Site Visit assignment.
  • Find at least 2 others in the class to work with to create a booth and use this experience to replace your Deaf Connections Assignment.  A brief written follow-up paper will still be required.  
Consider using this area of the blog to discuss your initial questions, ideas, concerns about participating in this trip.