Saturday, February 25, 2017

Couple of things.... first, I saw that we are to post to the discussion board the review of the video.  I don't see where I can transfer what I wrote here to there.  I guess I thought it was to be posted on the blog, I saw where Dr. Gremp told Amanda to place it in the Discussion board and I can see where I can reply but I can't post.  Arg, just when I think I have a better handle on this computer!  Anyway, second, I spoke with Pam Eubanks just a few minutes ago and she's excited for us to come to "Move".  It sounds fun and real low-key and she is emailing me more info.


  1. Amy, thanks so much for emailing her! If you could forward me what she sends back that would be great so that I can also be on the same page.LOL
    My email is

  2. Great! I am so excited that some of you may have a booth. My goal is to be strong enough to attend for a bit.