Monday, February 6, 2017

Assessment #1

Hey Guys! 
I was looking at my planner and seen that we were supposed to have an assessment due this week but I can't seem to find it. I did miss the last class, so are we still having it? thanks so much!


  1. I am changing the date and will open it tomorrow night, Tuesday the 7th. Because you also have your History Projects due next week I will keep it open until Friday, the 17th, at midnight. I typically would NOT keep an assessment open this long but want to go ahead and open it while this content is fresh on your mind. I encourage you to look over the material and be working on it as you can.

  2. Also, looking at the assessment schedule on blackboard, the final exam dates say 4/7 and 4/10, was that intended to be May?

  3. Yes, ma'am! Final is in May. Thank you, Sharon!