Thursday, February 23, 2017


I was a little shocked when the CI surgeon told the hearing parents that their son would be able to "hear" and then later adds not only will he be able to hear but "...relates not to Deaf people but to hearing people".  That was a double "hmmmm" for me.  One, because I'd hope that someone would emphasize that sound would be amplified but the child would always be deaf, it doesn't make him hear.  Also, the feeling I got from the surgeon put hearing in a good category while deaf was a bad category, because you wouldn't have to RELATE to deaf anymore.

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  1. This is a very touchy subject for me, personally, as I believe the Deaf community has immense value, and should not simply be pushed aside, and seen as a defective group of people; but the reality of it is: a good percentage of the Hearing world sees them as a defect. They're just something to fix. When cochlear implants are introduced, the negative and positive aspects should be mentioned/discussed. For example, you said that the sound would be amplified, but it is not real sound; it's mechanical. I agree with that statement, and I feel parents should understand that their child will always be deaf, no matter the extensive measures taken to "fix" or "appropriate" them into society.