Tuesday, February 21, 2017


If anyone wants to join Jessie Jenkins and myself at Cincinnati Bible College March 18, tell us soon so we can get ahold of the event coordinator.  Gracias.  ALSO!  I have Katie's(???) Simply Southern tervis cup and will try and remember to bring it next Tuesday since we don't have class this Thursday.


  1. You can contact Pam Eubanks with questions. It is at Cincinnati Christian University.

    Permission to share:

    Cell phone:. 513-307-8100; pam.eubanks@deafinstitute.org

  2. I'd like to go to the Move event with you guys!

  3. Wonderful. I will call about it this weekend and hope to get us signed up.

  4. I am so excited you all will be going. Depending on what my doctors say I hope to at least go and visit for a little bit.