Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hey guys!  Sorry this is a little late, it's been a crazy week!  I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone they did a great job on their presentations.  I loved all the games that everyone prepared, and I learned so much.  It is going to be great to hear the last few presentations tonight.  Feel free to use this post to ask people questions about their projects or anything else you want to discuss.  Hope everyone is having a good week, but hopefully a little more calm than mine!


  1. Everyone did great. I really liked the group that had the baseball game and the racing around the room. I also liked Drew's game where we had to sign with our eyes closed and try to guess what people were saying.

  2. Everyone's presentations were great! I really enjoyed the games but I think my favorite would have to be Drew's where we were reading signs with our eyes closed. I found it difficult to feel what sign it was and them translate it into a sign that I was used to seeing. This was very fun and interesting and it made me really think about how deaf/blind people communicate.

  3. Hey! About presentations; would everyone want to post our presentations somehow on Blackboard or in a shareable area, so we can review them at some point in case that's needed? I'm not sure if there will be a quiz or if they'll be on a test for sure, but I thought it might be good! Then we have the presentations and don't just have to rely on our notes/memory

    1. Hi Jessi,
      Dr. Gremp here....
      This is a great idea. I can create a wiki and each of you can post your presentation or a link or a summary etc. for the class to refer to

  4. Was sad I had to miss the first 3 presentations, but I really enjoyed presenting ours and seeing the other 2 groups!

  5. I really enjoyed all of the presentations. You could tell that all of the groups prepared before class and were knowledgeable of their topic at hand!

  6. I loved the presentations and the activities that everyone had prepared! It was really interesting, and I think I'll try and use some of the activities when I become a teacher! Great job everyone!